In our assortment, we offer you a wide selection of Easy Open lids, commonly used for the food industry.

These lids are adapted to sterilization and loose products, ideal for canned fish, meat, vegetables, as well as ready meals.

We provide standard sizes and tailored to your needs individually, in addition there is a possibility of lithography on the lid.

We also sell sets, matched to the product requirements.

Our standard offer includes:

“Easy Open” Ø 73mm stee

 “Easy Open” Ø 83mm steel

 “Easy Open” Ø 99mm steel

 “Easy Open” Ø 153mm steel

 “Easy Open” ¼ CLUB (104x60mm)

“Easy Open” lid of Hans (148 × 81) steel

Large Hans aluminum lid (148 × 96)

“Easy Open” ¼ Peel Long (154 × 55) aluminum

“Easy Open” lid of the Dingley (105 × 76) aluminum