The JN Pack company, based on many years of experience, also offers used can closing machines, after major refurbishment and modernization. A 6-month warranty is given for the repaired machines.

We offer hand closing machines for the production of various types of cans, among others aluminum, steel. The manual closing machine is intended for production in home conditions as well as small processing plants. Especially for the purpose of producing homemade products or hunters.

You can put in cans by hand:

– meat

– pates

– sausages

– black pudding

– fruits

– vegetables

– fish

– ready meals

We also provide repair and service of shutters entrusted by the client.

We also offer equipment for closing any steel or aluminum cans according to the entrusted pattern.

At the Customer’s request, we review machines that are at his disposal and on site determine the scope of work necessary to perform. We also provide adjustment and adjustment services for machines, when introducing a new type of cans to production.