The XO lid is an innovative system of beverage lids that provides a free, laminar flow of the beverage and re-closing the can. The sliding, flat opening mechanism allows multiple closing of the can, thanks to which the product retains its aroma, taste and carbonation for longer.

The can opens like a traditional can with SOT lid, but it is distinguished by the possibility of re-closing. In addition, this system protects the drink from insects, dirt or spillage.

The base of the lid XO is compatible with all standard flange profiles – B64, CDL / E, CDL / +, ISE, SE, OLOF.



WIECZKO Z WIELOKROTNYM ZAMKNIĘCIEM                                                                  WIECZKO Z WIELOKROTNYM ZAMKNIĘCIEM                  WIECZKO Z WIELOKROTNYM ZAMKNIĘCIEM